Thoughts on truth and religion

The following was spurred by a religious argument over the amount of time human intellegence has been in existance, which then evolved into an argument about the validity of creationism. Interestingly the entire string of thought began with the comment:

“jitterstlongpaw (1 day ago)
awesome lets install linux on it :D”

Referring to the ancient Greek computer which has been recreated in the video. Somehow a fitting start to a philosophical discussion, for what is philosophy but people being goofy anyway?

YouTube Comments on by AsteriskYoshikawa:

Actually, they’ve found that quite a few things are impossibly too perfect to be an act of freak coincidence, they’ve traced the human mitochondrial DNA back to as far as it will go and it leads to…humans, as far as i can tell yes, Darwin did have a point that everything’s skeleton and bone structure are very similar, in the fact that whales have fingers, but that doesn’t necessarily cut out creationism, if it works, why not use it more?
I personally am not a “Cram it down your throat” kind of person, i do enjoy the thought of an afterlife, rather then bleak ending, and i would agree that there wouldn’t be a god…if they hadn’t proved so many things right in the thought of creationism, if you would like to condemn someone elses belief system, please read a bit more on it, i have never thought of an atheist as an unintelligent “heathen” but more of a…ignorant person who wouldn’t do their research i agree that ebutoy is ignorant, please don’t condemn all of us to ignorance because some are the ridiculous cram it down your throat kind, but as a Christian myself, i tend to look to science to further my belief, rather than blindly looking to the bible, if you would “i’m not asking you to change your way of thinking” simply reserch a bit more, on what you believe and what we believe then perhaps you would find a…medium Please…please..PLEASE..stop saying ignorant things, I’m a christian as well just STOP giving us bad names -.-, and if you want to show them something to be true, use science, for instance, the mitochondria of a human does not reach back any further or even remotely close to anything, but human, i do believe humans did not always look the way we do, that is easily true, but creationism could be used in evolution too, if it works, why not use it multiple times

My response:

“use it more”? “use it multiple times”? That phrase in itself is nonscientific, no one “uses” evolution, it is a natural process. One might as well ask why not use gravity more? It is nonsensical at best. The entire Atheist ethos plants its foundation solidly on the fact that no one is “using” anything, things just happen. If you look further, going into Quantum Mechanics for instance, you will see that all those things that are “impossibly too perfect” and in fact the entire concept of “too” anything is simply a construction of human psychology. The entirety of reality is simply a set of possibilities which have come together in such a way as to allow our perception of those realities. For something to be “too perfect” you would have to place limitations on perfection, and the only things in this reality which do that are human minds. Perfection itself is a construction of the human mind, as it is comparative. Sure, there is mathematical perfection, but math firmly acknowledges its foundation in the theoretical universe by way of it’s extreme simplification of the world. No mathematical equation could ever describe the entirety of the universe, or rather the equation that is the universe could never be comprehended by man. Scientific perfection, you will see, is never acknowledged in scientific circles. Science recognizes that any discoveries found through the scientific method are subject to revision by further discoveries stemming from future experimentation. Science does not discover “Truth,” it strives to but acknowledges that all knowledge is flawed and can be further elaborated upon eternally. As an agnostic I find that the only substantial reason for having any religious belief is the question “what started reality?” or more simply “why?,” but I acknowledge that any man vain enough to claim to have “The Truth” is not to be trusted. Even a large section of Christianity acknowledges that humanity is flawed by their dogma of “Original Sin,” only their belief that Jesus was a divine being above this law of humanity and that the bible was written by divinely-inspired men prevents them from acknowledging the flaw of placing a few “well trained” humans in charge of their spiritual life. Creationism is fundamentally flawed in that it stipulates humanity to be the primary focus of “Creation”. That we, homo sapiens, have been created superior to any other thing is to say that things can be superior outside of our own minds. Science says quite simply that nothing is superior; everything is the same, just matter, energy, and the force-laws that govern them. On the subject of mitochondrial DNA you will see that in recent studies the mDNA of Humans and Chimps were proven to be 96% identical, indicating a 4 percent drift accounting for the differences in evolution, and as you observe DNA from more and more distant primate cousins the genetic similarity descends in a discernable mathematic relationship. There are several YouTube videos on the topic stemming from credible journalistic and scientific sources including a video made by a team of professional research scientists from the University of California – Riverside and la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The theory of Intelligent Design is more difficult to refute, however it is equally difficult to support; by taking the stance that the divine intelligence acts through all natural and scientific processes to shape the world according to its will assumes that the divine intelligence is an intelligence as we know it, requiring internal goals and aspirations, things which are driven almost entirely by emotion. As emotion as chemical processes and reactive spectrums varies drastically between differing species on earth to assume that we, humans, share a similar emotional makeup as the divine intelligence is again a trap of vanity. The more acceptable thought in scientific terms is that the divine IS reality, the intelligence is itself the equation that makes up all of the universe and dimensional reality that we inhabit as conscious entities. This quite simply cannot be argued against or for, it simply is or it isn’t and it is the individual’s choice to decide whether to believe, not believe, or remain neutral. In the end they are all the same, as it is all our personal aspect of this divine existence. Religion as a practice of traditions, and recognized as such, is nothing but helpful. Prayer is medically healthy, belief promotes happiness, community strengthens the individual; it is only when religion is recognized as “Truth,” something without flexibility that divides “believers” from “non-believers” in a wholly negative way that it should be opposed. Embrace your tradition for what it is, and love it wholly, but do not use the “Truth” of it to back up what you might say. Lastly, the afterlife. Quite simply the afterlife cannot be proven or disproved, perhaps our consciousness is transferred into another plain of reality when we die, perhaps that reality is heaven, no one can ever know. We simply do not have the methods for observing other realities, or even every part of this reality, and so we must be content with belief, non-belief, or neutrality as it suits our personal experience. To think upon the afterlife as part of one’s traditions is good; it promotes wellbeing, it provides a sense of peace in death, and it reduces the amount of fear in life. The simplicity of the matter is that religion and science can coexist, only when they are thought of as the same, as contenders for the possession of “Truth” do they create turmoil. Let us be in peace and balance of spirit and mind by acknowledging the truth of one and benevolence of the other.


~ by twist9 on December 14, 2008.

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