Shortish, sweetish

So, I haven´t put togeather a long blog post in a while (call it a combination of laziness and litterary absorbtion) but today something finally happened that was a long time coming, and my mind may have changed slightly about the direction the organization I’m working for is headed in. Today I took part in a meeting of the full upper administration and radio staff in order to demonstrate the website. There was much discussion about adverstisement funds, where they were going, and other such things. I was just starting to feel like I had sat through a 2 hour waste of my time when, lo and behold, someone made a comment about the delapidated state of the office. It seems I wasn´t the only one who had noticed, and despised, the decripitude. At first it seemed to be just the “we need a new cleaning lady” v. “she’s a sick old woman we can’t fire her” arguiment I had anticipated, and I put in my word about how it wasn’t just an internal problem but an external one as the building put out an extremely bad impression to outsiders, but then it took an unexpected turn. Someone suggested a cleaning day, and everyone became very enthusiastic. Now it seems they are going to get togeather Saturday morning and overhaul the offices. That ability to make snap decisions on the fly is a side I had yet to see of the scheduleless hive that was the main office. It makes me thing that perhapse they aren´t hopeless afterall and affirms my belief that they have simply subordinated office work to work in the field.

Then came my dreaded demonstration of the site as it is. It is a structural shell with barely any information in it, that is clear. I said repeatedly I simply didn´t have the information to fill it in and couldn’t fabricate my own written content as I had neither the knowledge or linguistic capability to do so. This sent a buzz around the room, especially when I mentioned I could relatively easily add new pages on to the site structure if I had something to fill them in with. The radio staff quite obviously want to be a large part of this operation, and as it is at the moment they are not even mentioned. All this has combined to give me the impression that 1. this meeting should have been held when I first arrived, not two days before I left, and 2. tomorrow afternoon is going to be a mad dash for the finnish and I am going to do more work then then I  have in the past 3 weeks. May the powers that be help me make it all work.

In an intresting side note the vice president has asked me to help him with an english based internet lottery ¨freelotto¨that claims he has won a million dolars. It is a convincing affair, though obviously fraudulent to my American eyes. This is the second time he has stood me up though, after yesterday when I was stood up by both the Vicepresident and President in the period of one hour. Oh well, two days and I’m out of this mess.

Until next time, ciao!


~ by twist9 on November 12, 2008.

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