A Bit of Poetry

Here are a few poems I have been working on, the first two are not of my perspective, the last one goes out to all my graduated homies.

Hunger Strike
By Emmett McGregor

When I said I didn’t eat breakfast
What I meant was
I didn’t want your porridge
My tongue clung to the roof of my mouth
Just looking at it
Soft, sticky, tepid
I tell you this now so that next time a man stays the night
You can make him
A nice bowl full

Of cereal.

Young Blood
By Emmett McGregor

The swish of the cape receded behind me
Blood ran down my shoulders in steaming rivulets

They said there was no justice for me
Only one honor

The trail of dust floated in the air behind me
Like the list of the dead gone before

They filed down the points of my horns
a hollow ritual for the young man just outside my reach

His red threads fluttered before my eyes
Tribute to inexperience

I had only my famed lineage behind me
As did he

The sword flashed
I fell
as did he.

No Goodbye
By Emmett McGregor

No goodbye for you
Sleeping friends of years gone by
Take instead your dreams

Long we labored
Now you sleep in peace

No goodbye for you
Sleeping friends of long years past
Until we next meet


~ by twist9 on June 2, 2008.

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