Pop to the Riff

The RJD2 Concert on the 1st of April was awesome. A great mix of music, and a surprise performance by a B-Boy Crew combined to make one hell of an experience.

If only I could remember this guy’s name, he was a pretty good loop artist with a nice voice, he played with RJD2 later on.

Dalek, a rap group out of New Jersey with a heavy sound, they were pretty good, and really angry.

This crew killed it, they pulled moves like I have never seen, and did it all night long.

Sick Freeze

This is what a Head Slide looks like after 6 feet, I was blown away.

They also pulled some crazy two-man moves I have never even heard of before.

Absolutely Killer


~ by twist9 on April 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pop to the Riff”

  1. I wish I could have gone.
    that looks killllerrrrrrrrrrr.

    we should have a camera adventure? eh eh?
    I think so :)

  2. uhmm.
    once demo’s are over and your life gets all…chill.

  3. holy crap! I didn’t know these pics existed. Good shots for sure. I am a member of this crew. We are the Hunab Kru (who – knob crew) local to Asheville, NC. How can I get copies of some of these photos?

  4. Hey man, sorry I didn’t get these to you guys, I met somebody who knew you at the concert but his email kind of got lost in the mix because I got loaded up with school work. I can burn you a CD of these if you want, my email is TwistingContact@AIM.com, shoot me some contact info.

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