Your Capitol Crushed My Ism

A few shots from DC, full of flavor.

Killroy Wuz Here

I love the Metro, they are the art galleries of society.

Metro, Sexual?

We took our first stop at the line between Church and State,

National Cathedral

The Space Window

and ran into the line between faith and fanaticism along the way.

Jesus Mobile on the Move

As with all cities, the characters make the town. This guy spoke non-stop for 20 minutes, I understood about 1 out of ever 10 words he said, apparently he is the number 1 stone carver in china and has something to do with the Olympics. It’s possible he designed the logo, it was on his card.

Mr. Carver, Chinatown

Lastly we come to the eats: the food, alright; the ambiance, priceless.

Say Yes

Big Bite, Deep Dish

Here’s to the Twists and Turns. – Twist9


~ by twist9 on March 22, 2008.

One Response to “Your Capitol Crushed My Ism”

  1. oh lordy.
    I am utterly jealous of this photos, they are amazing!! The church, is killer. :p
    I am headed off to DC this Thursday. (I’m sure you will hear this by some other means of communication as well…)
    Your an amazing photographer uh, twist. heh.

    The Metro is the best, however do not eat of drink on there. (even water). I took a sip of water and this guy BLEW his gasket. My grandmother and him got into massive verbal warfare the whole trip. He was an asshole, yelling at a 13 year old to “get the fuck off the metro”.
    other than that my trips to DC, and on the metro have been lovely. 8)

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