Twisting time!

Ah, my first blog entry ever, it is truly an awaited experience.

First, I suppose, I should inform you, my vast sea of readers, what this blog is all about.

I, Twist9, am embarking on a journey of sorts. I am headed rapidly towards graduating High School from a small, private boarding school in the south. I am both thrilled and terrified because as graduation grows closer so does a year of freedom and exploration.

My plans are thus:

First I will try to live up my last years of High School with the maximum enthusiasm and exuberance I can muster, while trying to make everyone (including myself) as happy as possible in the process. I will continue to learn the basics of Photography, Video, and Writing as I go.

Second I will graduate and get a job over the summer that I enjoy, and that will allow me ample time to read my massive pile of books labeled “too read once I have the time” and continue to hone my media skills.  I will attempt to push myself with all the will I can muster to connect to the great city I live in (Asheville, North Carolina) and document my journey along the way.

Third I will take on travel and education in my year off by exploring at least two foreign countries and taking at least two college-credit courses. I will use my media skills in a professional manner during this period, all the while documenting my journey.

*Those are my plans as they stand, and of course they are subject to change, but I hope to use this blog to both document my journey and reflect upon my path in life. I also hope you will enjoy my twisty ride through life!


~ by twist9 on February 16, 2008.

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